Name of the Projects Year From To Title of projects
Major Research Projects
Dr. Mohan Kumar H. M. 2011-14 Standardization of fin cauterization as a tagging and marking technique and study of its effect on growth in Common carp Cyprinuscarpio
Shivaraj. Y 2011-14 “Electrochemical investigation of cytochrome c on DNA modified carbon electrode and development of a Biosensor”
Dr. Sathish.L.A 2007-10 Radon exhalation in soil and building materials of Bangalore city, India
Dr. Sathish .L. A 2011-14 Investigations of indoor radon/thoron and their progeny levels in dwellings of Bangalore city and their impact on health
Dr. K Ramakrishna Reddy 2011-14 Synthesis, Characterization and Pharmacological Studies of Isatin Schiff Bases and their Metal Complexes
Dr. Ramakrishnaiah H 2008-11 Socio economic development of rural weaker sections through vermicomposting in Bangalore rural
Dr. Ramakrishnaiah H 2012-15 Coordination of women scientist scheme – Chemical science
Chakravarthy 2009-12 Studies on air microflora in Bangalore City& their effects on health”
Dr. T.M. Devaraju 2012-15 Diversity and Distribution of Zooplankton and Fish Fauna in Major Lakes of Mandya District
Shivaraj Y 2014-16 Synthesis and voltammetric evaluation of biologically active indoles and spectroscopic interaction with biomolecules
Dr. K Ramakrishna Reddy 2011-14 Establishing the facility for the studies on “Electrochemical energy storage devices using electrodes incorporating l oxide Nano particles
Minor Research Projects
Dr. R. Sumithra 2006-08 Mathematical modeling of Hydrothermal growth of crystals
Dr. Sailaja Kumari 2009-11 Study of Chemical properties, stability of Jatropha oil & means of preventing oxidation
Dr. L A Satish 2011-12 Study of background gamma radiations and indoor Radon/thoron city
Dr. Usha Malini 2010-12 Agro bacterium mediated gene transfer studies in endangered Medicinal plants
Dr. Devaraju T M 2009-12 Studies on air microflora in Bangalore City& their effects on health”
A. K. Jeelani 2010-12 Heavy l Contamination Honey bee indicator
V Nagesh 2010-11 Diurnal variations of Indoor Radon, Thoron and their progeny levels in and around Bangalore city, Karnataka.
Ramana H C 2009-12 Measurement of Radon/Thoron by water bubbler method
Nataraj K 2011-13 Genetic diversity and relationships of mulberry varieties using RAPD Molecular Molecules Report
Eshwariah G C 2011-13 Studies on germplasm conservation and relationship of cultivated/wild types of different spices of Muccana using molecular molecules Report
Dr. Ushamalini M 2006-07 Tissue culture and Agrobacterium Mediated gene transfer studies in Momordicacymbalaria an endangered medicinal plant
P. Suman 2010-12 Study of Aeroallergens from the Outer ring road of Bangalore City
Dr. Girija C.R. 2012-15 Crystal engineering of organic Compounds having Pharmaceutical and Neutraceutical significance
Dr. Venugopal. N 2008-10 Field ecology, biomonitering and biodiversity of micro phytoplankton in certain lakes of bangalore district, Karnataka state
Anuroopa N 2014-16 Development of microbial consortia for inoculating W.somnifera and their effect on crop growth and yield Report
Dr. R. Sumithra 2013-15 Effects of Non-uniform Temperature and salinity gradients on Double and Triple diffusive Convection in a composite layer in the presence/Absence of magnetic field.Report
Jayamma K V 2013-15 Automation of Government First Grade College Libraries in Bangalore University: Procedures, Problems and Prospects Report
Rajeev Ramchandra Kolgi 2013-15 Synthesis, characterisation and voltammetric behaviour of Biologically active novel heterocyclic quinoline carboxamide derivative. Report
Dr. Sitavi Yathiender 2014-16 A comparison of extracts of Citrus maxima and Citrus aurantiumfor antimicrobial and mosquitocidal activities
Suvarna V Patil 2014-16 Vachana Sahitya: Creation of Enduring Literature by Shivasharaneya
Venkatesha Babu KR 2013-15 Studies on un-doped BaTiO3 thin films Transducers
Sarina.P. Khabade 2015-17 Screening and purification of L- asparaginase from edible plants; A possible solution for Human Cancer Final Report
Nanditha Prasad 2014-16 Comparison and Analysis of Artificial Neural Network classifiers on Satellite Images for Land Use and Land Cover Mapping Final Report
Sudheendra H S 2013-14 Studies on the Fe2O4 thin films
Hallesappa R 2013-15 Characteriszation and Volatameteric behaviour some biological active heterocylic chalone derivatives
Kavitha K R 2015-17 Antioxident and Antimicrobial studies of Cipadessa baccifera (Roth) Miq. Final Report

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