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Established: 1976

Total Strength: 50

National Cadet Corps is a youth organisation headed by the Ministry of Defence, Govt. of India.The main aim of this organisation is to train, organise and motivate youths to become a responsible citizen of the Nation. NCC formally came into existence on 15 th July 1948 through XXXI Act of Parliament. The Naval Wing of NCC was raised in the year 1952. Today NCC has an enrolled strength of more than 13 lakh cadets consisting of two divisions of all the three services, i.e., the Senior Division/Senior Wing for boys/girls from colleges and the Junior Division/Junior Wing for boys/girls from schools. The motto of NCC is ‘UNITY AND DISCIPLINE’. Currently there are 73 Naval units all over India, the Naval wing of NCC follow the trainings and uniform sense of the Indian Navy (White Uniform). The NCC Naval Sub Unit - Government Science College was established in the year 1976 under 1 Karnataka Naval Unit (Bangalore ‘A’ Group). Initially Sub Lt.V.Siddaramappa took charge as the first ANO(Associate NCC Officer)of the sub unit in college and started of by selection, enrolment and training of cadets in theory and other practical activities in the same year Shiva Kumar M.N became the first Cadet Captain of the sub unit. Following this procedure of selection, enrollment and training, the cadets of our college. Cadets were trained well through this wing such that they started flourishing in great colours and got selected in national level camps of different activities, representing Karnataka and Goa Directorate. These cadets were trained in Naval activities such as swimming, sailing, boat pulling, rigging and other Naval activities. Cadets have been trained well every year such that they complete National level camps and maintain the pride of NCC Naval Sub unit in our college. The cadets get trained for three years wherein the first year they only get trained . And get chances of attending camps and participating in other activities in their 2 nd and 3 rd year of training, cadets of 2 nd year shall be eligible for B Certificate exam as per criteria and those who pass this and get into 3 rd year of NCC shall be eligible for C Certificate as per the criteria. This C Certificate holders get reservations and bonus marks in Central and State Governments and also few private sectors. The following are ANO/Care Takers of NCC Naval sub unit of Government Science College:

SL No Rank Name Period
1 Sub Lt Siddaramappa 1976-1983
2 A Sub Lt S.G.Navi 1983-1988
3 Sub Lt S.G.Navi 1988-1991
4 Lt S.G.Navi 1991-1999
5 Lt Cdr S.G.Navi 1999-2002
6 Sub Lt Dr.H.Ramakrishnaiah 2002-2016
7 (Care Taker) Haleshappa 2016-2020
8 (Care Taker) Dr.Femila Komahal 2020-

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