• The Department of Biotechnology, Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics have been recognized as Research Centres.

    Faculty from the Departments of Microbiology, Botany, Zoology, Physics, Chemistry and Kannada have been recognized as guides for guiding scholars for M. Phil. and Ph. D. degrees and actively engaged in research and publications.

    The college has a Research Advisory Committee takes care of issues related to Research.

    The Central Instrumentation Center, which caters to the research needs of students and faculty has IR facilities, Thermal and electron beam evaporation unit, UV Visible single and double beam spectrophotometer, muffle furnace and a host of instruments for biological studies are available.

    Department of Biotechnology has facilities to carryout phyto-chemistry leading to the analysis and isolation of bio-active compounds of high medicinal value particularly those used as anti-cancer agents. The department also has state of art facility for plant tissue culture, environmental microbiology, bioremediation, recombinant DNA technology and immunological studies.

    Department of Chemistry possess research facilities for organic synthesis, bioinorganic chemistry, and synthesis of Nano l oxides.

    Department of Physics holds unique facilities for the study of indoor radiation and their impact on human health, survey of background Gamma Radiation level is carried out for a decade and data map is prepared which is a repository for future reference. These facilities are being used by researchers from other Institutions and universities. Facilities for thin-films and nano-particles studies are also available.

    Department of Geology has remote sensing and GIS applications software’s IDRISI, ENVI 5.0 for image processing and GIS studies, besides having facilities for environmental studies. This department is unique in having a geological museum, one of the best collections in the state with priced possession of more than 1000 field collected mineral and rock samples along with some rare fossil collections. It is important to note that the museum possess precious gem stones. Students and faculty from all over the state visit this referral facility.

    Department of Botany and Microbiology have facilities for microbiological studies besides having herbarium, botanical museum and botanical garden containing specimens of flowering plants, conifers, cycads, ferns, lycophytes and non- vascular plants used as referral material by faculty, researchers and students. The centre is a major research resource, receiving visitors and requests from other institutions for identification help.

    Department of Zoology has facilities for Histopathological, Genotoxicity studies and Drosophila genetics. It also boasts of having a good museum with a rare collection of Alizarin preparations.

    Department of Computer Science has open source software for statistical analysis and text mining such as Weka, Scilab and R-lab. Matlab software is available for algorithms, analysis and modelling.

    In addition to laboratory infrastructure, library resources includes, 78000+ books, 44 journals, many technical magazines, INFLIBNET access to over 6000 journals through N List. Wi Fi connectivity and dedicated internet facilities are made available.

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