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The subject chemistry and biochemistry are offered with other two core subject in combination. Chemistry is studied with physical sciences (Physics and mathematics) and life sciences (botany, zoology, microbiology and biotechnology). While biochemistry is catered in pure biological science subjects such as zoology, botany, microbiology and genetics.
The discipline of Chemistry and Biochemistry involves the study of the structure and function of chemical molecules and biomolecules, vital processes that occur in living organisms. Biochemistry is regarded as Mother of all Biological Sciences, because it unveils the chemical basis of life in all living organisms including plants, animals and microorganisms. Chemistry and Biochemistry have contributed enormously to the growth of modern medical, health science and agriculture. Chemistry has opened opportunity to understand different compounds which has multiple applications in our daily life. Chemistry and Biochemistry have applications in clinical diagnosis, understanding pathology of diseases, treatment of diseases, designing of drugs and understanding their metabolism and production of various biological products like amino acids, proteins, antibiotics, hormones, enzymes, nutrients, etc.

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