About the Department

The Department of English was established in the year 1921, since the inception of the college, when it was known as an Intermediate College. It has sustained and carried a rich and enduring legacy of grooming students’ academically, morally and socially. The course content is framed in such a way that it is in tune with the global requirement of industry and academia. The department has kept up with the changing times by evolving into a technologically equipped department with E-Content. It has regularly uploaded and updated its E-content as and when required by its adult learners. The curriculum is designed in such a way as to make them employable globally with all the perquisite skills such as interview and presentation skills, interpersonal skills, as necessary in a global market. A certificate course in Communicative English has been introduced to build the confidence and hone the potential of students coming from the hinterland. It regularly conducts intra departmental activities like essay writing, creative writing, book review competitions to cultivate their writing abilities. Group discussions and presentations are a regular part of their classroom activity as the department believes in activating the language skills of the first-generation learners.

Vision of the Department

To create a student community with a global reach and humane sensibilities

Mission of the Department

  • Equipping students with requisite attributes like resilience and versatility to respond to the dynamics of the job market.

  • Wielding language as a weapon for scaling the job frontiers hitherto monopolized by private college students.

  • Fostering critical and reflective thinking that promotes the credibility of the institution thereby carving a niche in the global academic terrain.

  • Enabling students to develop perspectives above & beyond career, profession & commerce.

  • Instilling core human values through narratives handpicked from various registers (Literary& Non-literary)

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