Name of the staff Research activities
Dr Prakash D Synthesis and characterization of calcium doped nanocrystalline oxides and their luminescence properties
Prof. H.S. Sudheendra Preparation, characterization and application of nanoparticles for finger print detection
Dr Gladys Mathews Environmental radioactivity, study of concentration of Uranium in potable water in Bangalore city and its associated health hazards to the public
Dr VS Rohini Solar astrophysics, High energy physics, MHD, CQD characterization and applications, Spectroscopy photometry, Quantum magnetism, Nuclear astrophysics, Spectrophotometry, Quantum gravity, Atmospheric profile studies.
Dr K R Venkatesha Babu Synthesis, characterization and applications of pure and rare earth doped TiO2 nanophosphors, luminescence studies, Applications towards wLED and latent finger print detection
Dr Sunanda Dadami Multiferroics, synthesis and studies of PFN-BFO solid solutions
Prof. Rajeshree Patwari D Synthesis, structural, optical and dielectric properties of rare earth doped glass with noble metal nanoparticles
Dr Dhanalakshmi M Effect of fluxes and activators on luminescence properties of BaTiO3 by chemical route method.
Prof. R. Manjula Nanostructured materials preparation by plant latex mediated wet chemical route and their applications to optical devices and solar cells
Prof. Sandhyarani A Efficient rare earth activated nano powders for display and advanced forensic applications
Dr Mayadevi Kalgi Investigations on spectroscopic properties of coumarin dyes, quenching of dyes when nanoparticles like AgNO3 and TiO2 are added with different concentrations, study of dipole moment, energy transfer, electron transfer.
Dr Famila Komahal Structural, optical and luminescent properties of rare earth doped ZnAl2O4 phosphor prepared via wet chemical methods
Prof. Munirajappa NN Preparation of nanostructured materials using chemistry routes suitable for display devices, white LED’s and solar cell applications
Dr Vishwas M Synthesis of nanomaterials by the chemical methods such as the sol-gel method, combustion synthesis and co-precipitation method and physical methods such as thermal evaporation method and electron beam evaporation method. Synthesis of metal oxide nanomaterials such as ZnO, TiO2, SnO2, and SiO2 etc and Perovskites such as ZnTiO3, ZnFe2O4, SrTiO3 and ZnAl2O4 etc., by chemical methods. Optical, structural, nano-structural and electrical characterization of thin films. Collaborative research work on silicon solar cells to improve the efficiency of solar cells by nanoparticles injection on the surface of the c-silicon solar cells. Dye sensitized solar cells, Perovskite Solar cells. Fabrication of devices such as diodes, MOS capacitors and thin film transistors. Research on graphene based super capacitors for energy storage. Research on anti-bacterial activity and photo catalytic activity of metal oxide nanomaterials for the degradation of organic dyes under UV and visible light.

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