Events/Activities/Programmes unique to the department

  • Bridge Course
    Helping non Computer Science students with introductory classes on Computer Fundamentals, Algorithms and Flowcharts.

  • Seminars , Worshops and Conference
    Regular Seminar and Workshops are organized by the Department, where Professors of esteemed institutions impart knowledge on topics such as Big Data, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, IOT, Cyber Security, etc. The Department has hosted two National Conferences in 2016 & 2017 on Advances in Computer Science and Engineering.

  • Lecture Series
    Lecture Series are organized in addition to the regular curriculum to equip students with additional skills and knowledge

  • Certificate Programmes
    Certificate programmes in association with NGO’s like Aviratha and companies like are organized which helps students to earn credit points during their course and also to get certification on courses with trainers from the industry

  • NAIPUNYA – Technical Skill Development Programme
    A technical training programme running successfully from 2014 onwards and benefitted around 150 outgoing students. The trainers are distinguished teachers and techies from reputed software companies such as IBM, Oracle, Kudelski and from instituions of higher learning such as Christ University

For Computer Science / Application Students

  • Module 1 : Programming Concepts

    Module 2 : C Programming for Interviews

    Module 3 : SQL

    Module 4 : Java

    Module 5 : Testing

For Non Computer Students

  • Module 1: HTML

    Module 2: CSS

    Module 3 : Testing

  • Online Certifcaton Programmes (Gameified Learning App)
    – Initiated in 2020 and has reached more then 1000 of our current students

    Basic Data Structures
    Object Oriented Programming
    JSON and AJAX

  • SAVI Computer Club Activities

    IT Quiz


    Interview Questions Training in C

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